How to Enable SSH on Sarix Cameras or Encoders.


For troubleshooting purposes, Secure Shell (SSH) Access to Sarix Camera/Encoder Operating System must be enabled.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Sarix Cameras (IM, IE, ID, IX Series, etc) all versions.
  • Endura NET5400T Series Encoders.


Installation and maintenance.


To Enable SSH, use any one of the following three methods -

note: Once enabled, see LL#13089 for steps to SSH into Sarix Camera/Encoder.

Method 1: Enable SSH using Sarix Web User Interface:

  1. Open The IP Address of a Sarix Camera or Encoder from within a Web Browser (Google Chrome is recommended).
    note: This can easily be done from within Endura Utilities Right-click Open Web Interface dialog.
  2. Click the Sarix Login ButtonButton (at top right), and enter the Sarix login Credentials (defaults are Username: admin | Password: admin).
    Sarix Login Prompt
  3. Click the Sarix Settings Button button, then mouse over the Network Menu and select (click) SSH..
  4. Make sure the Enabled Checkbox is toggled ACTIVE (checked), and enter pel2899100 (*see note) into the Password and Re-type Password Fields. Click the Save Button.
    Enable SSH Menu
    For optimal Endura Utilities Functionality, the SSH password pel2899100 must be used here. A different password may be entered for security reasons, but will disable much of Endura Utilities troubleshooting functionality for the device.

Method 2: Enable SSH using Pelco Utilities:

  1. Download and launch Pelco Utilities, log in and press the Search Button, wait for it to finish, and then press the SM Search Button.
    note: The default login credentials for Endura Utilities version 2.2 and below is [Username: Administrator and Password:configapp], version 2.3 and greater instead authenticate against the Endura SM5000 or SM5200 System Manager (default is [Username:admin and Password: admin] ).

  2. From the System Attributes Tab, Right-click the Sarix IP Camera or NET5400T Encoder and select Device Actions > , now select Sarix Enable SSH...then select Yes at the prompt
    note: If the Enable SSH Option or "Sarix Enable SSH" option is not available, the device may be in a nonfunctional state or there may be no communication. Try using methods 1 or 3 instead.

Method 3: Enable SSH using Pelco Device Utility 2 (DU2):

  1. Download Device Utility 2.0.20
    Windows  Mac
  2. Open DU2 and login using admin/admin.
  3. Click on the Configure DU2 tab and select Scripts near the bottom.
  4. Scroll down the pop-up window and checkmark enableSSH then click Add Script; window closes.
  5. Name the script enable SSH and click Save.
  6. Click on the Manage Devices tab.
  7. Right click the camera and select Apply Script.
  8. After camera's video status update icon  disappears, SSH is enabled.
  9. Login Credentials are [username: root | password: pel2899100].