SARIX Focus Options and Configuration


Focus options and programmable configuration of Sarix cameras.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SARIX cameras
  • IX-SC
  • Web Browser


How to Focus Sarix


Auto Back Focus Button: Sets the auto back focus mechanism. Press the "F" button once to center the auto back focus mechanism and to fully open the iris. Press and hold the "F" button for three seconds to start the auto back focus mechanism and focus the camera.

Service Port: Sarix features a service port for use with the IX-SC (optional accessory) service cable. The port outputs analog video. Use this port at the installation site to set up the field of view and to focus the camera. When the IX-SC cable is used, video to the IP stream is disabled. IX-SC is a 2.5 mm stereo plug (male).

Focus the Lens:

  1. View the camera image using the service port or a Web browser.
  2. Press the auto back focus button once to center the focus mechanism.
  3. Manually adjust the zoom and focus of the lens to the desired field of view.
  4. Press and hold the back focus button for three seconds to start the auto back focus mechanism.


Imaging Tab: Use the Imaging tab to program the Sarix focus mechanism options.

Focus Settings: Focus sets the back focus to the center focal point of the scene. The camera can be configured to back focus automatically or manually.

  • Auto Focus automatically back focuses the camera on the subject in the center of the scene.

            (Click here to view Auto Configure Settings)

  • Manual Focus turns off the auto focus mechanism and locks the camera at a user specified position. The manual focus setting is recommended only for indoor applications that have a single, unchanging primary light source. The Focus page also includes Full Range Auto-Focus, Quick Auto-Focus, and a Factory Default option.

             (Click here to view Manual Configure Settings)

Window View Image (options selected are default)