How to factory reset the Spectra Mini IP.


  • Unable to connect to Spectra Mini IP
  • How to Default IP address of Spectra Mini

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • SD4N-B Series
  • SD4N-W Series


No IP connection or ping of Spectra Mini IP


Use the reset button located underneath the trim ring on the mounting flange to access the following modes:

To access one of these modes:

  1. Press and hold the reset button. The unit starts cycling through the modes; hold the button for four seconds to access (cycle through) each mode. The unit status indicator LED flashes the color for thecurrent mode (refer to the table above).
  2. When the color of the desired mode appears, release the button.


  • If there is no configuration activity for 15 minutes, the dome system will automatically exit the reset mode.
  • The LED is not lit during normal operation



Note: Default IP is

Default log in: USER: admin, PASSWORD: admin