Does the DSSRV (Network Video Recorder) support a VGA monitor?


Does the DSSRV support VGA?

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DVI-D
  • VGA


The VGA connector is covered by default.



The DSSRV has 3 video output connections on the back of the unit.

  1. DVI-D (Digital)
  2. DVI-D (Digital)
  3. VGA    (Analog)

In order for the DSSRV to be a fully 'Digital" system, only the DVI-D outputs are recommended for use, however if no DVI-D monitor is available and a VGA monitor is available on site, the VGA output can be used. The VGA output has a plastic cover which is labeled "Don't Remove" and is located directly above DVI-D Port 1.  In order to use the VGA port the plastic cover will need to be removed.

  1. Remove the screws from the plastic cap covering the VGA monitor output port.
  2. Connect the VGA monitor to the VGA output on the DSSRV 
  3. Boot the system, the monitor should work without any further action.