How to Manually Update an Endura Device When Endura Utilities will not


In some instances Endura Utilities will display an error when attempting to update a device. You may see an "error 500" or a "utime -a" error in the output. Selecting Device Macros → Manual Update might fail as well.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management




Usually this is caused by a networking issue, but other factors may also inhibit Utilities from successfully updating the unit.


  1. In Endura Utilities, right click on the device and select SCP → Copy Files to
  2. Select the .ppm file for the unit and click Open
  3. Enter the path (case sensitive) to save the file to:
    For UDI5000-CAM and UDI5000-MTRX the path is /usr/local/Pelco/SoftwareUpdate/
  4. SSH into the unit using the steps outlined in Lessons Learned Entry 13089.
  5. Change to the directory containing the file:
    cd /usr/local/Pelco/[UNIT_TYPE]/Update
    Note:  For UDI5000-CAM and UDI5000-MTRX cd /usr/local/Pelco/SoftwareUpdate/
  6. Unzip the packages:
    tar -zxvf [.ppm filename]
  7. Delete the .ppm file to free up space on the file system:
    rm [.ppm filename]
  8. Run the update script