How to export video from the DX4800/DX4700 HVR.


Exporting video from the DX4800/DX4700 HVR's.

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Pelco Video Management


  • DX4800
  • DX4700
  • USB Media
  • CD/DVD


Exporting video from the DX4700/DX4800 HVR.



The unit allows you to export data to CD/DVD or USB media. You can view and playback the exported video on the unit or at the remote client computer.


  • The erase and format features allow you to format media for use with the HVR. Although media can be formatted on a PC, Pelco recommends that you format the media on the HVR to guarantee functionality.
  • When exporting video, the start time must be set at least two minutes before the current time.
  • The unit's recorded video, time stamp is affected by different time zones. When video recorded on a HVR located in one time zone is exported and played back on a computer located in a different time zone, the video's original recording time adjusts and displays based on the time zone of the playback computer. To play back exported video so its original recording time displays correctly, you must change the time zone setting of the playback computer to match the time zone of the HVR on which the video was recorded.
  • The export viewer is included with the export to CD/DVD and USB.



  1. On the toolbar, click the Copy/Export button 
  2. Connect or insert the export media.
  3. Click Format



  1. On the toolbar, click the Copy/Export button To enter the export settings:
  2. Click the Method box and select Export
  3. Click the Target Device box, and then select a device.
  4. Click the Channel box, and select one or more channels
  5. Click the Start Date/Time box, and then select the date and time (Time is in the 24 hour format).
  6. Click the End Date/Time box, and then select the date and time (Time is in the 24 hour format).
  7. Click Start



 *NOTE: The server can only export in the native format. To export in the avi format, the export will need to be performed from the DX Series Client. Refer to the following article How to export recorded video using the DX Series Client?

Information referenced from the DX4700/DX4800 Operation/Configuration manual

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