Failed hard drive does not automatically rebuild on a NSM5200 due to rebuild schedule.


After replacing a failed hard disk drive in an NSM, the ThreeWare RAID controller card does not automatically begin the rebuild process.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura NSM5200


The ThreeWare Auto Rebuild Schedule has become Disabled.


Verify Cause

1.     SSH into the NSM5200.
2.     Enter the Threeware Command Line Interface by typing tw_cli.
3.     Type show and find the correct Ctl # (controller number)
4.     Enter /cX show rebuild (X =  CtL# in question).


1.     Enter /cX set rebuild=enable (X =  CtL# in question).
The output should return - "Enabling scheduled rebuilds on controller /c1 ...Done."

2.     Check /cX show rebuild again (X =  CtL# in question).

Verify Resolution

1. Enter /cX show (X =  CtL# in question) to check current rebuild status.


note: The above Example output shows %RCmpl (rebuild percentage) at 0%, which means a rebuild has begun. If no rebuild has begin, %RCmpl value will be a dash (-) instead.

2. Type exit to leave the tw_cli application.

3. If drive rebuild did not begin, reboot NSM5200, the repeat Verify Resolution Step 1.

note: If this does not resolve the issue, see KCS Article LL#11837.