Connecting audio to the DSSRV ENC5416/ENC5516 Direct-Attached Video Encoder inputs.


Adding audio for recording along with video on a DSSRV system using the ENC5416/ENC5516 direct-attached video encoder.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • ENC5416/ENC5516
  • Digital Sentry


The ENC5416/ENC5516 requires audio be connected on specific input connectors.




For audio wiring example of Louroe unit click here.


Note: Audio signal is line level.
Note: Audio Input Range is measured in Peak to Peak AC Voltage.
Note: Sampling Frequency is not manually selected, the ENC5416 will sample at one of 4 frequencies based on its evaluation of the audio input signal. 
Note: Information on configuring the Digital Sentry software is located here : How to enable audio inputs and associate an audio channel to a camera in DSAdmin?