Change Sarix Series camera Web Page/ Live View


The steps detailed in the resolution of this article may result in a loss of critical data if not performed properly. Before beginning these steps, make sure all important data is backed up in the event of data loss. If you are unsure, please contact Product Support Services prior to attempting the procedure below.


The resolution of this article has many complex steps that may result in unforeseen results if not performed correctly. If you are at all unfamiliar with the requirements, please contact Product Support Services for assistance.


Browsing to the web page of a sarix camera will automatically show a live view, this can be deemed a security risk.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Some Sarix Platform Cameras

This procesure will not work for the Sarix Enhanced/Sarix Professional cameras. (IXE, IME, IXP, IBP, IMP) There is not currently a way to obtain this functionality with these cameras on the Endura system.


By design live view is present for quick view.


Option 1:
As an interim fix, the Sarix camera website can be modified to show the login screen first by performing the following:

1. Enable SSH on the camera if it is not already and open a session
2. cd /etc/omons-settings/defaults/Applications/phobos/
3. vi phobos.ini
4. Change line 8 so it reads:

default.path = /setup/system/general

5. Save the file and reboot the camera

The camera will then present the user with the login screen and since that screen does not have a live link, a person browsing the network will not be able to easily get to the video.

Option 2:

Contact Product Support at (800) 289-9100, for the script to remove the Live view from the web interface permanently.