Enable debug mode on Sarix cameras.


In cases where a Sarix camera may be experiencing an internal issue, the camera can be placed in a mode which gives the ability to generate a bug report through the web browser for technical analysis.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


All Sarix cameras all versions.




Using a script and a network camera utility tool, the sarix camera can be placed in debug mode.

Download a network camera Utility Tool:

Download Device Utility 2.0.20 
Windows  Mac

Download Endura Utilities


Download the following scripts: (Right click and Save as)

Sarix - Enable Debug

Sarix - Disable Debug

Sarix - Debug Check

SSH MUST be enabled on the camera.
           Read how to enable SSH on Sarix cameras


Enable Debug Mode:

 Using Device Utility:

  • Place the scripts in the following directory:  C:\Program Files (x86f for win7)\Pelco\Device Utility 2\Template
  • Open DU2 and login: admin/admin.
  • Click on the Configure DU2 TAB and select Scripts near the bottom.
  • Add Script, scroll down the pop-up window and select the script. Add Script; window closes.
  • Name the script and Save.
  • Click on the Manage Devices TAB.
  • Right click the camera and Apply Script.
  • After camera's video status update icon  disappears, the script is applied. 
  • Password will be pel2899100. The username is always root.


Using Endura Utilities:

  • Open Utilities and login: admin/admin
  • Click on the Scripts TAB and import the script.


  • Search for cameras and left click the camera in the System attributes window. Camera will appear on the right in Group Tools.
  • Right Click camera in Group Tools and select Scripts from Pop-Up window.
  • Select the Sarix script.