Language Pack is partial


Language Pack is partial for German and Japanese languages

Product Line

SmartStruxure Solution


SmartStruxure site with 1.2 or later


The following are example screen shots are taken from a Japanese Language pack:


The following is our analysis of the script editor and graphics editor translation issue :

  • The UI elements in the Properties window are getting rendered from COML and thus get translated.
  • Some of the strings in the toolbar are coming from RESX files but are not translated. These strings are translatable
  • In Graphics Editor the strings are defined in the designer and not in the resx files and therefore would not get translated
  • The potential cause of the partial translation in script editor is probably on account of missing entries in ResxParametersFile.txt

There was a decision taken to not translate the Engineering tools and seems to be a known issue, therefore functioning as designed with the current release.