How to start the SM5000 DHCP server service.


  • DHCP service is not running

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • SM5000, all versions


  • DHCP was not configured to start on boot


  1. Open the SM5000 web interface in a browser using https and port 10000
    Default example:
  2. Login with the default user name admin and the password admin
  3. Click on the Servers Tab
  4. Click on the DHCP Server Icon
  5. Click the Start Server button
    After a minute or so, you will see the Start server button text change to Apply Changes.
    This means the server has started.

To start the DHCP server on the next boot, click the Enable DHCP at boot button


  • NOTE: If your SM5000 is running software version 1.4.55, 1.4.69, or 1.4.70, this may not work as expected.
  • Clicking on "Enable DHCP at boot" will only toggle this setting each time the button is clicked.
  • The text on the button no longer changes to tell you whether DHCP is enabled on bootup or not.


  1. To verify whether or not the SM it set to start DHCP at boot, SSH into the SM5000 using username: root and password: pel2899100
  2. Type "vi  /home/pelco/devicemanager/" and hit enter as shown here

  3. DHCP is enabled if our $DHCP = "true"; as seen in this screen shot

  4. If instead you see our $DHCP = "false";
    then, dhcp is not set to run on bootup.
  5. Use the vi editor to edit this line so that it is set to "true" as seen in this screen shot
  6. Save your changes and exit.
  7. The SM5000 is now set to start DHCP at boot.