How to add storage to DSSRV using DS Admin?


Activate storage to Digital Sentry using DS Admin.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS NVs
  • DS


Adding storage


In order to add storage to Digital Sentry perform the following:

1) Start > Programs > Pelco (Integral if dealing with 4.1 or later) > DS Admin
2) Login in (Default Username: admin Default Password: admin
3) Click the + next to Available Systems
4) Click the + next to VAU
5) Click on the Computer Name for your system
6) On the right hand side select Storage Locations
7) In storage locations select the newly added drive
8) Click on Activate
9) Click Save
10) Restart the Digital Sentry HVR

For more information on adding storage to Digital Sentry HVR please refer to the Digital Sentry Manual page 13.