View Live Video in MDD Mode


How to configure the UDI5000-MTRX to display live video in MDD mode.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura UDI5000-MTRX in MDD mode


There is no video storage device available or live video is desired.


By default the MDD will display Endura cameras in playback mode. This can be represented by a black screen with a yellow border or a camera with an X over it. This is caused by the device trying to pull playback but not being able to access the video storage device. To view the Endura cameras live, simply add the -live switch to the end of the UDI5000-MTRX unit name. It may take a few minutes for the UDI5000-MTRX to update the information but then the camera should be able to be displayed in live view, represented by a green border.