Adding and Moving MDD Tie Lines


How to add and move MDD tie lines in the System Management software

Product Line

Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • Endura UDI5000-MTRX in MDD mode All Versions
  • Large Matrix CM9700 Matrix Bay


It is necessary to move existing MDDs due to design, hardware failure or additional MDD lines are needed. 


note: The following examples were taken from the 9700 System Manager software

Adding an MDD Tie Line:

  1. Open the .psm file with the System Manager software
  2. Click on the System tab
  3. Click on the Add Device button
  4. The Host Node will be the name of the CC1 node
  5. Device Type: dropdown to Endura Device
  6. Select Model: dropdown to CM9700_MDD_EVS
  7. Click Next
  8. Number of Devices: Desired number of MDDs
  9. Click Next
  10. The Host Port will vary depending on the availability of serial ports. In our example port 7 was available.
  11. Baud Rate: 19200
  12. Parity: Even
  13. Click Next
  14. Click Finish

In our example the MDD has been assigned to port 7 on the CC1 and to Tie Line 33 on the Matrix Bay. If the physical tie line needs to be moved for whatever reason this can be easily done.

Moving an MDD Tie Line:

  1. Locate the tie line in the list of cameras. In this example the tie line was 33.


      2.   Simply change the port number to 0 on the original tie line. Then locate where the new tie line should be placed  and change the port number to match the port number of the MDD. In this example, the tie line has been changed to physical 16 and the MDD port number is 7.