Arecont Vision IP camera video displaying upside down (180 degrees) in Digital Sentry.


The video being displayed in Digital Sentry from the Arecont Vision IP camera is 180 degrees upside down.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • DS
  • Arecont IP Cameras


Arecont Vision IP cameras have a feature to enable 180 degree rotation of the video feed.


The video feed is corrected using the cameras web interface.  Below is information from Arecont Vision's website on the setting.

The web interface of the camera allows for the quickest way to rotate the image by using the Flip or Rotate options located under the Settings or Image tab. Panoramic 180 degree cameras such as AV8180, 8185, 8185DN or 20185DN will also have Flip in blue text in the upper left corner of the first video feed in the web interface. This will quickly flip all 4 sensors and orient them correctly in the web interface display.

AV100 also allows for image rotation by right clicking the video feed and selecting Settings -> Camera. From there, click on Rotate 180 under the Size of Picture section.