How to reboot Sarix Series IP Cameras and Encoders.


Options for rebooting Sarix Series IP Camera and Encoders.

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Sarix Series IP Cameras and Encoders


Maintenance or troubleshooting requires device reboot.


Here are available methods for rebooting a Sarix IP Camera or Encoder...

Method 1: Reboot from Sarix Web User Interface (WebUI)
Useful for rebooting a single Sarix Camera or Encoder...

  1. Open the Sarix WebUI by inputting the device IP Address into Google Chrome (Recommended), Mozilla Firefox, or other Web Browser.
    note: If using Pelco Utiltiies, shortcut to this is accessed via Right-click > Open Web Interface (Ctrl+W)
  2. Log in (Sarix WebUI default credentials are username: admin | password: admin).
  3. Click Settings.
  4. Select Reboot Camera from the System tab (may vary based on model/firmware revision).
    note: Rebooting does not change the device settings.

Method 2: Reboot via SSH
Useful for rebooting a single Sarix Camera or Encoder if Sarix WebUI is non-functional...

  1. Follow LL#11444 to Enable SSH on the Sarix Camera or Encoder.
  2. Follow LL#13089 to SSH Into the Sarix Camera or Encoder.
  3. From the Linux # prompt, enter the command  /sbin/  and press return.

Method 3: Reboot using Pelco Utilities One-time script
Useful for rebooting multiple Sarix Camera(s) or Encoder (s) at a time...

  1. Follow LL#11444 to Enable SSH on the Sarix Camera or Encoder.
  2. From Pelco Utilities (see LL#8397 to obtain), right-click the desired Sarix Camera(s) or Encoder(s), then navigate to Scripts > One-Time Script as seen here...

    note: Multiple Sarix Camera(s) or Encoder(s) can be highlighted for the script before right-clicking, by using the shift or control keys during selection.
  3. Type /sbin/ in the Script Commands window, then click OK and Yes.

Method 4: Reboot the camera using the Reset Button (R)
Each Sarix Camera/Encoder has a physical pinhole which can be depressed using a paperclip or small tool.

  1. Press and release the Reset Button once to reboot the camera.
    note: Holding this depressed for 10 seconds triggers restore to factory default settings, which can be used to if a basic reboot attempt has failed to resolve a device functionality issue.

The Sarix Camera or Encoder can take from 5 to 15 minutes to restart and be fully operational.