No video stream from Axis camera using the Generic VAPIX 3.0 driver on the Endura UDI5000-CAM.


Video does not stream to Endura clients or NSM5200 Recorders when the Generic VPIX 3.0 driver is used with some Axis cameras.

Other Symptoms Include:

  1. Live video can be viewed from the UDI5000-CAM WebUI

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura UDI5000-CAM Software
  • Axis Generic VAPIX 3.0 driver
  • Axis M3204
  • Axis P1214E
  • Axis P3255-LVE


There is currently an incompatibility with some versions of Axis cameras and the VAPIX 3.0 driver on the UDI5000-CAM. This incompatibility results in missing information that UDI5000-CAM needs to receive from the camera in order to determine the appropriate frame rate and resolution to use.


Pelco by Schneider Electric has identified the root cause of this issue and is working towards a final resolution. For the time being the configuration below can be used to allow communication with the camera.

Explicitly set the max frame rate for the camera via the Axis camera configuration page:

  1. Navigate to the Axis web interface.
  2. Select Setup
  3. Select Video > Stream Profiles
  4. Select Modify Quality
  5. Check the box for Maximum frame rate
  6. Select Limited to
  7. Enter 30 into the text box
  8. Save the options.


Also, the ONVIF communication interface may be used.  To configure the Axis camera for ONVIF, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure time sync is working
    • This is required for Endura anyway, but ONVIF also uses time sync as a form of network authentication
  2. An ONVIF user must be created within the camera's web configuration interface
    • System Options > ONVIF > User List
  3. Configure the UDI5000-CAM with the camera's ONVIF user name and password


Specific model notes:

  • P3255-LVE did not work using above steps for Vapix driver, switch to ONVIF instead.