Access of Pelco PTZ 95 Preset Menu from AXIS Q7401


How to access 95 Preset menu from AXIS encoder Q7401

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra Series
  • Exsite Series
  • Esprit Series
  • AXIS Q7401, Q7411


How to prompt 95 Preset menu


To access the 95 Preset Menu

  1. Enter the SETUP menu of AXIS encoder
  2. Along left tree of encoder page, Click on PTZ
  3. Click on OSD Menu. (This will now prompt 95 Preset Menu of Pelco PTZ.)
  4. Use the Directional Arrows to navigate Up/Down menu options
  5. Use the SELECT icon along right of navigation page for accessing menu option. (iris open is not used by axis for menu advancement)

Click Here for view of page.


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