DS ControlPoint exported video clip in .EXE format errors with not a valid Win32 application when played.


When trying to playback a video clip exported from a Digital Sentry system in the EXE format, an error is given and playback fails.

Error message received  "XXXXXX.exe is not a valid Win32 application".

Example Error:

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS ControlPoint version = All
  • Digital Sentry
  • MasterControl
  • Remote View


  • The maximum size allowed for a 32bit Windows executable (EXE) is 4GB, if the video clip is larger then 4GBs in size and exported in the EXE format playback will fail. The DS ControlPoint application is 32bit based and therefore even when installed and run on a 64bit host OS like Windows 7 x64 the exported EXE format is still limited to 4GBs.
  • DS ControlPoint 7.7.309 or above is being used  to export the video clip.
  • Incomplete exports due to low free space on the C:\ drive.


Maximum Size Reached
There are a couple of possible solutions:

  1. Reduce the camera count or time frame for the export to lower the file size below the 4GB maximum (example: if exporting a 4 hour video clip results in a 6GB .exe file - export two 2 hour video clips instead to cover the same time frame but keep the individual files below 4GB).
  2. Export the video clip using the XPA format.  The .xpa video export format is not limited to 4GBs in size but does require the DS Media Player for playback.
  3. View the .exe format file in the DS Media Player by loading the player first then opening the .exe video file the same as a .xpa video file.

 Note: The DS Media Player is included when exporting in a .exe format.  If required, export a small clip of video in the .exe format and then the larger clips in the .xpa format.  The .xpa files can be drag-n-dropped into the DS Media Player when running for playback.

Digital Sentry 7.7.309

  • Starting with Digital Sentry software version 7.7.309, Windows XP is no longer supported due to the .NET 4.5.1 requirement.  If Windows XP playback is critical, DS ControlPoint will need to be downgraded to 7.6.32 or below or a different export format may be used, such as .XPA.


Low free space on the C:\ drive

  • Verify there is at least a 2GB's or more of free space on the C:\ drive, If the C:\ drive runs low on free space the result can be incomplete or 0 Byte EXE file exports.


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