How to change the DEF password on a CM9760-KBD-US keyboard?


The define password unknown.

Product Line

Pelco Matrix




CM9700 Matrix Switcher

Spectra IV


The Default Define PIN was changed.


In order to Change the Define Pin if not known, you must first reset the CM9760-KBD Matrix keyboard back to factory defaults, complete the following steps:

1. Disconnect data/power cable from Com 1 of the keyboard
2. Turn on dip switches 1,2, and 8 only
3. Plug data/power cable into Com 1 and wait until the keyboard display the message "EPROM 2 Chip writing"
4. Afterward, disconnect data/cable again
5. Return dip switches back to original settings
6. Connect data/power cable back to Com 1

To change the Define Pin follow the instructions on page 15 in the CM9760-KBD / CM9760-KBR Series Installation and Operation Manual.