How to read, and set, a Personnel objects current area.


How to read, and set, a Personnel objects current area.

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Want to change the Area a Personnel is currently located in.


You can read the current Area of a Personnel object and use this in a Workstation Program (not a Controller InfinityProgram). The Value attribute of the Personnel object is the Area that Personnel is currently in.

In the sample below, Steele_Adam is the name of the Personnel object and AdamsOffice is the name of an Area object. The below will wait on the current line until Steele_Adam returns to his office.

Line WAIT1
If Root\CardHolders\Steele_Adam = Root\Areas\AdamsOffice then Goto MONITORING

To change the Area of a Personnel object based on their current Area, you need to set the value of the Personnel object to the Area you now want them to be in. The relevant line is the one below where the Area is set.

Set Root\CardHolders\Steele_Adam value to Root\Areas\CommonArea