Set up a Sarix camera to send a JPEG snapshot to an FTP Server


How to set up a Sarix camera to send a JPEG snapshot to an FTP Server

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


All Sarix model cameras including: IM, IM-V, IM-E, ID, IDE, IE, IEE, IX, IXE models.

An active FTP Server.


Configuration to send a JPEG image to an FTP Server from a Pelco Sarix camera is not fully explained in the manuals that Pelco provides.


  1. Create a Source from within the Sarix camera's Settings>Event tab. The Type can be Timer as the Source.
  2. Name the Source anything you want to remember it by.
  3. Move to the Settings>Event>Handlers configuration page.
  4. Name your FTP Handler anything you wish it to be named.
  5. Select the Handler Type of: Upload JPEG to FTP Server in the drop-down list.
  6. Name your FTP Server. EXAMPLE syntax needed:
  7. Place the Username and Password into the corresponding entry boxes
  8. Name your Base Path (the actual directory you wish the images to be saved to on the FTP Site). EXAMPLE syntax needed: /JPEGFile
  9. Select File name format (IF/WHERE appropriate), or, simply leave the defaulted format. NOTE: this is the way in which the title of the image will be saved with the date and time information.
  10. Choose your days of the week you wish to have the images uploaded, along with the Start Time and End Time.
  11. Select the Source you created in steps 1 and 2.