How to restore the Digital Zoom icon in Endura WS5000 software.


Digital Zoom icon in the WS5000 software is missing in live view and playback modes.

(Digital zoom icon properly displayed)

Digital Zoom

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura WS5000 Software (All versions)


Using Windows Remote Desktop to connect to an Endura Workstation may force video rendering to GDI Render within the software. This will not revert back after disconnecting the remote desktop session.



To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.
  • Ensure that the WS5000 application is not running on the PC in question.
  • Navigate to C:\Program Files\Pelco\Endura\WS5000\Packages\  for 32bit versions of Windows or C:\Program Files (x86)\Pelco\Endura\WS5000\Packages for 64bit versions of Windows.
  • Right click on the Preferences.xml file and select Edit.  Note: It is recommended that an advanced text editor such as Notepad++ be used to modify the file. 
  • Modify the tag RenderType type="GDIRender"  to read RenderType type="DDRender"
  • Save the file and start the WS5000 application.
  • Repeat these steps for all affected PC's and workstations on the system.