Replacing the CM9700.exe file to CM9760.exe


 Received a new CM9700-CC1 that replaced a CM9760-CC1 and all camera text and files are corrupt

Product Line

Pelco Matrix


CM9700-CC1 / 9.03.055

CM9760-CC1 / 7.80.029

CM9760-MXB / All


Current executable file not compatible with existing flat files


The new CM9700-CC1 version 9.03.055 executable file will need to be downgraded to the version of software that is compatible with the existing Matrix application.

Replace the CM9700.exe File:

  1. Insert the System 9760 CC1  Disk with the CM9760.EXE file on it into the disk drive of the CM9700-CC1.
  2. Bring CM9700-CC1 to a DOS prompt by selecting CTRL Q.
  3. Copy command, " COPY A:CM9760.EXE ", then select Enter.
  4. Select " A " for ALL FILES TO BE COPIED (5)Wait for Files to be copied. DOS prompt appears ( NOTE: This step may not appear if the there is no CM9760.exe file).
  5. At the DOS prompt type edit startup.bat
  6. Arrow over to the improper file name and delete it, replacing it with the current file name that you wish to run.
  7. Press Alt F and select save file.
  8. Press Alt F and select exit to return to a prompt.
  9. Type startup to restart the program or Reboot the CC1 by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

NOTE: You must press the Del key located under the number 3 key on the numeric keypad of your keyboard in order to reboot the system