Setting HTTP, HTTPS and RTSP port settings on Sarix Legacy cameras version 1.8.2


How to change HTTP Port: 80, HTTPS Port: 443, and RTSP Port: 554 on Sarix series camera.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • All Sarix Legacy Cameras 1.8.2 firmware release
  • ID, IE, IM, IX Series
  • Spectra IV h.264, TXB-N Series
  • Esprit IP, Esprit HD
  • Spectra HD
  • Exsite IP


Default Ports of Sarix currently being used by other applications.


Port Settings appear under the System Settings heading in the General Settings section of the Network tab. These settings determine the ports over which the camera communicates for HTTP, HTTPS, and RTSP protocols. Contact your network administrator before changing port settings to ensure that your port settings do not conflict with your network infrastructure.

1. Log in as admin

2. Setting

3. Network

4. General

5. Change HTTP Port: 80 and RTSP Port: 554

Note: Sarix firmware needs to be or newer.  If any of these port settings are blank and or grayed out; The firmware is corrupt. Reset the camera to defaults.