How to install the DS ControlPoint client software.


How to install the DS ControlPoint software.

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The DS ControlPoint client software requires installation on Windows OS to operate.



  • Older versions of DS ControlPoint will not function properly when connecting to a server running DS 7.13 or greater.
  • Due to compatibility DS ControlPoint version 7.7.309 and higher cannot be installed on Windows XP.
  • ControlPoint version 7.13 and later no longer support DX series products.
  • Do not run the DS ControlPoint software as a regular monitoring utility on a server or combination component. Reserve a dedicated client computer for this purpose.
  • Do not activate any system lock or screensaver features while running DS ControlPoint software. These features can interfere with certain Digital Sentry processes.


The procedure for installing the DS ControlPoint software is as follows:

  1. Copy the DSCP folder or  downloaded from the web site directly to the client's PC, unzip the downloaded file.
    Note: Be sure to record the location of the unzipped files, as you will need these files during the update procedure. All files should be in the same unzipped folder. The unzipped folder needs to be on the PC being installed on not on a usb drive or network share. The PC will also need to be logged in as a local admin to install.
  2. Locate the new extracted DSCP folder.
  3. Right click the "Setup.exe" file Run as Administrator; the welcome page appears.
    Note: If installing DS ControlPoint v7.6.32 on a Client PC with Windows XP, .NET 3.5.1 is required, may need to be enable in Features. 
    Note: DS ControlPoint version 7.7 may need to install one or more of the following additional items:
    • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5.1 (Will require internet connection, if not available .net 4.5.1 offline installer will need to be downloaded and installed).
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 SP1 Redistributable Package
    • Microsoft Visual C++ 2012 Update 4 Redist (x86)
    • Microsoft DirectX End-User Runtime (June 2010 SDK)
    • After these items are installed the system will prompt you to reboot in order to finish the installation
  4. Click the Next button.
  5. Click the Install button in the "Ready to Install the Program" message. When the installation is complete, a DS ControlPoint startup icon appears on the desktop and the installation program closes.
  6. Click the DS ControlPoint icon on the desktop to launch DS ControlPoint.

    • A user name and password prompt does not appear when DS ControlPoint is initially launched.
    • The Connection Management page appears for initial installations of DS ControlPoint.
    • The Live page appears for DS ControlPoint upgrades.
    • ControlPoint can be installed over an existing install and settings will carry over.
    • Initial install may require admin rights in Windows to install properly.
    • ControlPoint cannot be changed to install in a different location. It will install to C/programfilesx86
    • Screen resolution settings may need to be readjust to properly display DSCP on the display.


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