The PowerUptime value in infinitysystemvariable of controller is wrong.


The PowerUptime value is later than the current time. This issue may cause some program cannot run if the PowerUptime value is checked in that program.

Product Line

Andover Continuum


  • TAC Continuum
  • BCX-1
  • BACnet Controllers, for example B3851 B3867 B3887 and so on.
  • Infinity Controllers, for example I2851 I2867 I2887 and so on.


Maybe there are two reasons. The first reason may be that the computer installed Continuum Workstation don’t synchronize time with the Domain server. The second reason may be that the controller has been learned in another Continuum Workstation, and that Workstation time is error.


Firstly, interrupt the controller’s power. After approximately half a minute, reconnect the controller’s power.