Where do I connect the 24 VAC power wires to on a Spectra HD or Spectra Enhanced


The only power connector available on the B5-PG-E is labeled for 24VAC, the technical specs say 24VDC is acceptable. Where does the 24VDC connector locate?

(Spectra IV HiDef) back boxes not labeled for DC voltage

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra HD Series
  • D5118, D5220, D5230
  • S6230 Series


  • The manual lists the power connector as only 24VAC.
  • Installation
  • The Spectra HD supports 24 VDC and 24VAC connections.  When connecting AC, polarity is not an issue and the wire can connect to either terminal.


There is a two position terminal block (TB05-9105-0802) located in the back box (as depicted below with the red arrows), when the lower dome drive is removed. See image below.

Either side of the plug can be Positive or Negative as there is no improper polarity to input 24V AC/DC. You will read in the manual that this is for 24VAC, but, this is nevertheless a power input plug in general and does NOT only accept AC voltage.

When using DC voltage, the polarity of the connections does not matter because the input circuit will rectify the voltage coming in.