My Sarix camera video is black at dusk.


During dawn and dusk light availability, color to black and white switching may need to be configured based upon the ambience of the application.

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


All Sarix based platforms - all versions and models.


Low light applications and day to night transition intervals.


By default, Sarix camera's Day Night function is set to AUTO.  This works fine for the majority of applications. However; Sometimes a facility's lighting is not compatible with the default settings. 

The Day Night AUTO mode threshold for switching to black and white is governed by the Transition Level settings.


If the Transition  LUX level is never achieved the camera will not switch to Black and White and IF the available lighting is not compatible with the camera's lighting requirements for color video, then the video will gradually go to BLACK.

Transition Detect Time (sec): Controls the length of time the camera is exposed to a light level before it changes to color or black-white mode. This setting is useful for dark scenes where a bright light is momentarily introduced in the scene (for example, when a car with its headlights turned on passes the camera scene).

Please refer to the Lessons Learned Article# 12535 for further information about lighting conditions located here: Sarix Camera will not switch to Day / Night mode.