DS ControlPoint fails to connect to a DS system with error RV_CreateConnection failed and displays a GREY connection icon.


Receive error "Error connecting to one or more of your systems. RV_CreateConnection failed" when attempting to connect to a Digital Sentry system using DS ControlPoint.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • All Digital Sentry products versions 7.1.90 and above
  • DS ControlPoint version 7.1.90 and above


The DigitalSENTRY VideoServer Service is not "Started" (running) on the Digital Sentry system.


DS ControlPoint has a built in diagnostic utility which can attempt to correct the problem.

Use DS ControlPoint "Diagnostics" to correct the problem:

  1. In DS ControlPoint click on the Systems tab.
  2. Locate the system which is displaying a GREY circle icon under Connected (the icon may also be RED)
  3. Right-click the system and select Diagnostics

    Example 1

  4. The Diagnostics tab will appear at the bottom of the screen, under the Action column click Attempt Repair.

    Before Repair

    After successful repair

  5. Once the connection has been repaired, double-click the connection in the Systems tab to reconnect (can also right-click or select the connect icon).


Note: This error can also be seen with other versions of DS ControlPoint, please refer to article: DS ControlPoint requires multiple connection attempts before successfully connecting to a Digital Sentry recorder.