15-bit Standard Coaxitron or 32-bit Extended Coaxitron


No control from Spectra PTZ's connected to a CM9760-CXTA

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Matrix


  • Spectra
  • CM9760-CXTA


Spectra camera operating under 15-bit Standard Coaxitron.


All Spectra III and IV PTZ cameras need to be set for 32-bit Extended Coaxitron. The sixteen BNCs to which Coaxitron receivers are attached are split into x8 groups (1-8 and 9-16). Each group is further defined as entertaining one of two protocol “flavors”: 15- or 32-bit (these are references to 15-bit standard Coaxitron or 32-bit extended Coaxitron, respectively). Therefore, a combination of 15- and 32-bit protocol “flavors” on the same unit is possible. Conversely, if both x8 groups on the same translator are assigned the same protocol flavor, then the entire translator interfaces only 15-bit or only 32-bit Coaxitron receivers. 

IMPORTANT: If any x8 group combination is set to 32-bit, DIP switch 1-8 must be set to restrict equipment use for the entire translator to ONLY one equipment type (receiver): Intercept or Spectra.

For dip switch settings, refer to page 9 in the CM9760-CXTA installation manual.