Controllers for Pan & Tilts


What joystick controller can be used with the Pelco PT Series Pan & Tilts Systems?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • PT270 Series
  • PT280 Series
  • PT570 Series
  • PT680 Series
  • PT1250P
  • PT1280P/PT1280SL
  • PT1260EX


Joystick controller options for Pelco Pan & Tilt. The MPTAZ and MPT hardwire controllers are no longer available.


In order to select the proper joystick controller for the Pan & Tilt, you must first determine the following parameters:

1. Select model of PAN & TILT to use for the application:

a. Select PT System for Environment: Indoor, Outdoor or Explosion proof model.

b. Select Medium or Heavy Duty model of Pan & Tilt.

c. Select Voltage operation of Pan & Tilt.  (example: to operate on 24VAC or 115VAC)

2. Select RECEIVER box. A receiver box is used for control communication conversion between the control system and the Pan & Tilt. Receiver box then outputs AC voltage to Pan & Tilt 

a. Select receiver box for control type: Pelco Coaxitron (control through video cable) or RS422 P or RS422 D protocol (control through two-wire CAT5E)

b. Select voltage output option of receiver type to match voltage input of Pan & Tilt system: Some receivers offer options of 24 VAC or 115 VAC output to Pan & Tilt

c. Select environment of receiver for application: Indoor or Outdoor model if applies.

3. * Select CONTROLLER. Joystick controller or System for movement control of Pan & Tilt.

NOTE* Controller or Control System must support communication control type used by receiver box. Pelco Coaxitron or Pelco RS422P or RS422D

Here is a selection and diagram as an example:

  • Diagram A is a Pelco P option.
  • Diagram B is a Coaxitron option.