What are the part numbers for Continuum / I/Net Upgrades and Repairs?


Require Upgrade or Repair part number and pricing information

Product Line

TAC I/NET, Andover Continuum


Dongle / Security Key and Software upgrades

Controller node count, X Driver or option upgrades


Part numbers are not listed for Upgrades or Repairs.

Global Product Support do not provide pricing information.


Repairs do not have part numbers, you should contact your local Order Entry department who will be able to provide an RMA form and pricing information.  (Note: An exception to this is if you are in Aus/NZ, repairs do have a part number. Repaired items are set-up in Pronto with the part number prefixed by “4-“. Process and form details for Aus/NZ repairs only.)


Upgrades have now been allocated part numbers for all current products.

The order forms and details of the new part numbers can be seen here.

SAP and other quoting system have been updated with these upgrade part numbers.


Contact your local Order Entry department to help you place an order and provide pricing information.

Please see Lessons Learned #5648 for contact details of the Order Entry departments.