Spectra IV Series door panel part number and components of BB4DOORASSY


What is the part number for the entire door assembly that opens downward to connect power and video within  the Spectra IV and Spectra III Series housing?

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Pelco Cameras


  • Spectra IV Pendant
  • Spectra IV In-Ceiling
  • Spectra III Pendant
  • Spectra III In-Ceiling


Part number request for BB4DOORASSY or Components



Part number for printed circuit (PC) board with metal plate inside the Spectra Back Box of the  Spectra IV dome systems is part number BB4DOORASSY. This door assembly may also be used to replace the Spectra III door assembly of BB53DOORASSY.

Below is an explosion diagram of the door assembly. It is this part where Power and Video are connected.


  1. Alarm Block and RS422 Block are not provided with part BB4DOORASSY and must be ordered individually.
  2. Fuse Part number and value with size listed.
  3. TXB-HEADER part number for field replacement if required.
  4. Click Here for installation manual of BB4DOORASSY.
  5. Back metal plate is not illustrated but is provided as attached to BB4DOORASSY.
  6. It is not recommended to order part #PA05-0085-00A2G as labeled on PC board. This is an unfinished part number and would be missing numerous components.
  7. The Spectra IV part BB4DOORASSY is a replacement part for the Spectra III BB53DOORASSY.
  8. IBBR (Black-Plastic-Frame) sits within the Spectra IV back box and is mounted to base. Click here for view of IBBR (MF00-7050-C01A)
  9. Click here for door open view.
  10. BNC to TWO Wire Cable -    WA04-7054-004A