Reset NSM5200 sequence sync to SM5000/SM5200.


  • A sequence error is given by Endura Utilities diagnostics.
  • Missing camera from the Select Camera To Recorded side on the NSM5200 web interface.
  • Error when attempting to save camera in the Cameras Associated to Pool list of NSM5200 web interface.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200, all versions


Sequence error is given by Endura Utilities diagnostics.


  1. Log into Endura Utilities using your admin login [Default username: admin, password: admin]
  2. Right click the device in Endura Utilities and select SSH into [Default username: root, password: pel2899100]
  3. Enter /etc/init.d/devicealiveinterface stop
  4. Enter /etc/init.d/devicealiveinterface start
  5. Wait 60 seconds, then refresh camera list in NSM5200 Pool tab or rerun the diagnostics.