Reset NET5400T Encoder back to DHCP


How to set the NET5400T encoder back to DHCP.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura NET5400T series encoders- All Versions


It is necessary to set the encoder back to DHCP.


There are a couple ways to reset the NET5400T encoder back to DHCP:

  1. Through the Web interface:
        a. To open the web interface, right click on the encoder in Endura Utilities and choose Open Web Interface.
        b. Click Login on the top right hand corner.
        c. Click Settings in the top right hand corner
        d. Click the Network tab
        e. Change the radio button to enable DHCP.
        f. Save the changes and reboot the Encoder

  2. Use of the recessed reset button:
        a. Locate the recessed reset button on the front panel of the NET5400T encoder.
        b. Press and hold the button with a pin or paperclip for 10 seconds
        c. The encoder will reboot and default back to DHCP