Esprit ES40/ES41 Series supports Autosensing Protocol for Vicon and does not use TXB-V


Does the Esprit Series (ES40/41) support Vicon via auto sense with no TXB-V required?

Product Line

Pelco Cameras


  • ES40/41 Esprit Series


TXB-V does not fully seat flush within the ES40/41 Esprit.


The Esprit automatically senses and interprets commands from Vicon and Sensormatic controllers.  The TXB board is not necessary. The baud rate needs to be set to the same baud rate as the controller's output.

Vicon can use a 4800 or 9600 baud rate for their controllers. The Esprit must be set by the dip switches to the same baud rate as the controller. The Esprit can not see the baud rate of 600 when used from the Vicon controller and therefore will not work with a 600 baud rate set at the controller.

Sensormatic must use a 4800 baud rate. The Esprit dip switches must be set to a 4800 baud rate.