Unable to create or call a pattern on a Spectra PTZ camera using the Digital Sentry built in P protocol.


Unable to create or call a pattern on a Spectra PTZ when Pelco 9750 CXT or Pelco 9760 CXT is being utilized in Digital Sentry software.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Spectra Series PTZ cameras
  • Digital Sentry software - All versions
  • ENC5416
  • DS ControlPoint - All versions
  • Digital Sentry P Protocol
    • Pelco 9750 CXT
    • Pelco 9760 CXT


Pelco P (CM9750/CM9760-CXT) protocol does not support Patterns. This effects creating and calling/running patterns.


  1. Configure the Digital Sentry software to use PTZ Type: Pelco D, No Parity.
  2. Configure the Spectra PTZ camera for Protocol = D, Baud Rate = 2400, None - 8 - 1.


For name-to-settings description of the Digital Sentry PTZ protocols, refer to article: What PTZ protocols does the Digital Sentry software support?
Information on configuring PTZ protocols with Digital Sentry, refer to the user manual page 12 Configuring Serial Ports : DS NVR and DS NVs Programming/Operation manual
Information on configuring the dip switch settings on a Spectra IV PTZ camera, refer to the user manual pages 8,9 and 67 : Spectra IV LS and SE Series Installation/Operation manual