Create a Role that Allows Users Access to the Pelco Web Viewer on the SM5200


How to create a role that allows users access to the Pelco Web Viewer on the SM5200

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Endura SM5200- All Versions
  • Endura WS5000, WS5200- Verified with version


Need to grant access to the Pelco Web Viewer for some users


  1. Launch the Endura Software Management Software
    note:The WS5000 software must be running at version or higher. To verify the version number, click on Help in the WS5000 software and then click About Endura. Information on how to update the WS5000 software can be found in LL#11694.
  2. Click the Setup button (wrench icon)
  3. Click the Roles Tab
  4. Click the Add button (or choose a role to be modified)
  5. Enter the role name then click the OK button
  6. Select the System tab under Permissions
  7. Click the Modify button
  8. Select the Remote Access feature
  9. Mark the check box for Remote Access permission

  1. Click OK
  2. Click the Apply button
  3. If this is a new role, apply to the appropriate users using LL#12273