CM9740-CC1 fails to switch live video to CM9740-MXB


Discharge all static electricity from your person by touching metal prior to handling any hardware. Failure to do so may result in damage to devices.


CM9740-CC1 fails to switch live video to CM9740-MXB due to CM9740/60-VMCx version incompatibility.

Additional Symptoms Include:
  1. The CM9760-KBD-xx LCD indicates that live video switching can occur
  2. The CM9740-CC1 diagnostic screen indicates that the live video switching can occur
  3. The CM9740-MXB (Matrix Bay) displays the same time as the CM9740-CC1 which concludes that there is communication between the CM9740-CC1 and CM9740-MXB which rules out possible sercom port problem or RS422 cable problems.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • CM9740/60-VMCx (Video Monitor Card) version 2.3 and older
  • CM9740-CC1:  All versions
  • CM9740-MXB
  • CM9760-KBD-xx:  All Versions


CM9740-VMCx (Video Monitor Card) version 2.3 and older is incompatible with CM9740-CC1 (All Versions)



Replace CM9740/60-VMCx (U12) version 2.3 and older with version 8.04.  The CM9740-VMCx (Video Monitor Card) must be running version 8.04 or newer for proper video switching.  For detailed instructions on how to replace (U12), refer to the CM9760-MXB Firmware Upgrade Installation Manual C1544M or follow the steps below.
1.  Place an order for one CM9760-BAY-E80.  One CM9760-BAY-E80 PROM chip should be ordered for each CM9740-MXB.  Order requests may be sent to
2.  Remove one CM9740-VMC (Video Monitor Card) from the CM9740-MXB (Matrix Bay)
3.  Locate U12 and replace with the PROM chip from step 1
4.  Locate U10 RAM chip, remove for 2 minutes, then reinstall.  This step erases RAM.
5.  Insert CM9740-VMC card into CM9740-MXB
6.  Press and hold the reset button on the front of the CM9740-VMCx card for approximately 3 seconds then release.
NOTE:  You do not need to turn off power to the System 9740 matrix bay in order to upgrade matrix bay firmware.