What Pelco Part Number to order for replacement Hard Disk Drive(s) for NSM5200, VSM5200 or EE500?


NSM5200 or EE500 storage drive has failed.  Symptoms include but are not limited to the following:

  1. NSM5200 audible alarm is sounding
  2. NSM5200 front panel red LED above failed storage drive
  3. NSM5200 Webmin indicates that a storage drive has failed
  4. tw_cli /c1 show indicates that a storage drive has failed

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


NSM5200 Series Network Storage Manager All versions
Endura Express EE500 All Versions


NSM5200 or EE500 storage drive failure may occur if but not limited to the following

  1. Heat:  Operating Temperature has been exceeded
  2. Power failure/interruptions while writing to the disk
  3. Environmental Conditions including but not limited to vibration
  4. Mechanical Failure


Generally speaking, the Pelco Part Numbers for NSM5200, VSM5200 or EE500 replacement Hard Disk Drives begin with HD5200- , followed by the size of the hard drive in GigaBytes.

  • 500GB is HD5200-500.
  • 1000GB is HD5200-1000.
  • 3000GB is HD5200-3000  See Lessons Learned Article LL#189393
  • 4000GB is DS-EN-HDD-4TB (Note:  This part number does NOT include the tray)

The exception to this rule concerns 2000GB (2TB) Hard Disk Drives -

  • Current NSM5200 units ship with Hard Disk Drives of various brands/models all running at 7200RPM, which have each been qualified for use with the NSM5200's 3Ware Raid Controllers. Pelco Part number for these drives is HD5200-2T-72K. NSM5200 units which shipped with these begin with NSM5200-24B-, which can be seen on the label behind the front door panel as seen here -

  • Original NSM5200 units were shipped with Western Digital model WD2002FYPS "green power" drives with variable rotational speed up to 5400RPM. As of April 2014, Pelco does not have - and cannot procure - any further stock of this drive. If this drive is needed, customer can check the Western Digital Warranty status by the drive serial number at http://wdsupport.wdc.com/warranty/warrantycheck.asp?custtype=end, then work with them directly to get it replaced with the same exact model number (must specify this with Western Digital Support).

    NSM5200 units which shipped with these begin with NSM5200-24-, which can be seen on the label behind the front door panel as seen here -


These differing speed (RPM) Hard Disk Drives must never be mixed within a single NSM5200, as the unit will initially function alright, but begin to have ongoing data errors within the RAID Controller, leading up to recording failure and possible video loss, weeks or months after installation.

See 3Ware/LSI's Knowledge Base Article for hard disk compatibility lists.