The WS5070 workstation starts up and shows the message Your activation period has expired...


The WS5070 workstation starts up and shows the message "Your activation period has expired..."

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Pelco Video Management


Endura WS5070 Workstation


WS5070 workstation has recently been recovered or re-imaged and require to re-activate Windows with Microsoft.


If the workstation is connected to the internet run the online activation wizard; else, run the below procedure to activate the Windows installation over the phone.

1. Log into the workstation as WS5070 Administrator
2. Click the Start button
3. Select Programs -> Accessories -> Command Line
4. Type the following command to start the activation-by-phone wizard


5. Dial the phone number shown in Step 1 of the wizard.
6. Follow the verbal prompts and enter the 9 sets of numbers (6 numbers per group) one group at a time
7. When the installation is confirmed the automated system will have you enter in 8 groups of numbers (six numbers in each group) to activate Windows
8. Click Next

Each workstation should take approximately 5 minutes to run through the entire activation process.