How to upgrade a CM9760-DT / CM9760-DT4 Data Translator from version 7 to version 8.


 When an ASCII device such as an Access Control System sends out a command to the Data Translator, the CM97XX -CC1 fail's to respond.

 The CM9760-DT / DT4 Data Translator version 7 is incompatible with CM97XX-CC1  running version 8 and above.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management, Pelco Matrix


  • CM9760-DT version 7
  • CM9760-DT4 version 7
  • CM97XX-CC1 version 8.XX


The CM97XX-CC1 is running version 8 and above and the CM9760-DT / DT4 is  running version 7


To upgrade the CM9760-DT /DT4 to version 8 you will need an PC with a RS232 port a terminal program (IE HyperTerminal) and a NUL modem cable.

1. Connect the NULL modem cable to the CM9760-DT / DT4 and connect the DT to the CM97XX-CC1

2. Open up the terminal program and match the baud rate and parity of the DT with 8 bits 1 stop bit and no flow control

3. Input the following command in to the terminal screen 8va

Note: you will get a return of ver. 8

 Now the CM9760-DT / DT4 has been successfully downgraded