Can Microsoft's patches, and/or updates be applied to a DX8000/DX8100 series DVR/HVR?


  • Can Microsoft's patches, and/or updates be applied to a DX8000/DX8100 series DVR/HVR?
  • What Microsoft updates should I use with my DVR/HVR unit?
  • We are forced to update our Windows machines and we have DX8000/DX8100

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DX8000 series all versions
  • DX8100 series all versions

Microsoft OS updates and patches for all Windows Operating Systems


DX8000 and DX8100 series products operate off of a shelled-out version of Windows and are considered closed systems.


Microsoft Updates

To ensure the security of a Microsoft Windows based system, the IT administration may need to apply security updates to the DVR regularly, if not automatically. This best practice ensures that security vulnerabilities are patched as soon as fixes become available from Microsoft.

Pelco regularly tests and includes the latest Microsoft updates in major releases. The application of Microsoft Windows security updates to Pelco DVRs should not affect the functionality of the DVR. However, the customer should apply these updates at their own risk.

Most IT organizations have a change management policy and procedure that dictates how and when changes to the IT infrastructure will be rolled out. This procedure may include tests of major updates or changes to ensure that IT infrastructure does not cause operational problems. This best practice should be applied to the customer’s DVRs as well.

Enterprise management servers exist that automatically push Microsoft updates out to Windows computers. These may be used to automatically keep systems up-to-date.

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