How to tell if the DVR5100 Hybrid Video Recorder is Endura Enabled.


When the DVR5100 boots up it shows Endura Enabled under the DVR5100 logo.

The DVR5100 boot screen and Box shows Endura Enabled but the DVR5100 is not Endura Enabled out of the Box.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  •  DVR5100 Hybrid Video Recorder all version’s


The DVR5100 Hybrid Video Recorder boot screen and Box states Endura Enabled.


In order to tell if the DVR5100 is Endura Enabled you will have to log in as an Administrator, enter the setup menus general Tab, look at the updated version, it should display an EE.

If it does not have a EE in the updated version follow LL#11755 to Endura  Enable the DVR5100.