Searching for Recorded Video and Exporting Video Clips to the SM5200


How to search recorded video and export video clips to the SM5200

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


Endura SM5200 All Versions


Need to export video clips for safekeeping or evidentiary purposes.


  1. Login to SM5200 web interface
  2. Open the Pelco Web Viewer
  3. Click on the Search Recorded Video tab
  4. Choose the camera(s) that you would like to search
  5. Specify a starting and ending date and time for the search
  6. Select the Recording type you would like the search to return

  7.  Click the Start Search button
  8.  The Search Results page will now appear. Up to 30 results can be displayed per page.

  9. The Search Criteria fields will allow you to modify your original search if needed
  10. Click Preview next to the camera that you would like to export video from
  11. This will bring up the Preview Window
  12. From the Preview Window you can trim the clip to the appropriate length and export it.

  13. To trim the clip length click the Trim Clip Length button and adjust the green sliders to encompass the video that you would like to export
    note: Trimming the video will not alter the video being stored on the Endura Network. It will only determine the duration of a video being exported to the system manager.
  14. When you have the needed amount of footage designated for the clip, click Apply Trim

  15. Then choose Export This Clip
  16. This will open the Export Manager tab
  17. There will be a File Availability column indicating the export progress
    note: The Export Manager will only display the progress of downloads from NSM5200's running version 2.3.1 or later. For exports from earlier versions, the progress bar will remain blank until the download completes.

  18. When the export has competed it is possible to download the clip for viewing on other machines. Simply click  to begin the download.
    note: Video exports will be encoded in the Pelco Export Format (.pef). The Export Media Player will be needed to view .pef files. There is a link to download the Export Player in the lower-right corner on the Export Manager page. The Export Media Player can also be downloaded here.

For more information on searching for recorded video and exporting video clips on the SM5200, please see the SM5200 Operation Manual.