DSSRV/ENC5416 alarm connection and configuration.


Can not get the correct alarm input to trigger.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • Digital Sentry
  • ENC5416
  • DS ControlPoint


Incorrect wiring diagram in the Digital Sentry ENC5416 Installation Manual C4694M .


  1. Wire alarms to the correct inputs
  2. By default the Alarms are set for Normally Open to change to Normally Close. Using DS Admin Software go to the Device Input folder. Select the board that the ENC5400 is connected to and click on Digital Input Tab. Check the box for Normally Close operation.
  3. To create a Zone. Right click on the Zones folder and add a zone.
  4. See Configuring Zone in the Digital Sentry ENC5416 Installation Manual C3663M, found under the 'Downloads' section for the DSSRV information page at pelco.com
  5. Restart the Video Server Service when alarms are all added
  6. For more information on setting up Alarm popup in DS ControlPoint, refer to article: Digital Sentry Zone alarms created in DS Admin will not trigger or register in DS ControlPoint

Note: Make sure that the user logging into to DS ControlPoint has Alarm Activity and Alarm Clear rights.