Exporting a video clip using Digital Sentry Client hangs for a long period of time.


Exporting a video clip using Digital Sentry Client hangs for long period of time with status spinning wheel.

Product Line

Pelco Video Management


  • DS Xpress v7.0.24
  • CD-R  disk


Exported video file size is too large


Recommended steps:

  1. Lower the export time range to about an hour or less; verify a successful export.
  2. Explored the CD-R disk to see the file size, based on the file size you will be able to determine the amount of video you can fit onto a CD-R.
  3. Follow the steps below for adjusting the file size.


DigitalSENTRY allows you to export simultaneous video clips from multiple cameras to any location on the DS system or over a network a connection. To export a movie, complete the following steps:

  1. Play back video from the Recorded Video or Event History page.
  2. Pause the video and click Export Movie on the Print/Export tab; this opens the Save As window.
  3. Select a location, enter a file name, and select a file type: XPA format (playable in Integral Media Player); EXE format (a self-extracting executable with Integral Media Player built in); MPEG; or AVI.
  4. To mark a smaller portion of the video clip for export in EXE or XPV format, move the slider bar to the start of the desired clip, click Mark Start, and drag the slider bar to the end of the clip (see Figure 45). You can also select which cameras should be included in the exported file (but you can export video from only one camera at a time when exporting in MPEG or AVI format). Click OK.
  5. Select the cameras that you want to include in the exported video clip and click OK.
  6. Click the play button to start the video clip.
  7. Click STOP on the Video Controls tab when you want to end the video clip. The clip is then saved to the location you chose.


To view the movie you saved, open the file in the location you saved it to.


Reference: Digital Sentry User Manual June 2007 starting page 78.