I2C issues in Sarix camera firmware below


Version and above have code to resolve I2C issues, the symptoms of I2C  are multiple and as follows:

  1. The iris will not react properly and have washed out video being very bright or dark
  2. The camera will not connect or disconnects and goes into a hung up state ( the amber LED  usually flashes)
  3. Color issues or loss of video
  4. The I2C bus will show errors in the log files

Product Line

Pelco Cameras, Pelco Video Management


Sarix cameras, version,  I2C issues, washed out video, iris issues, hung up connection, connect failed , colored hues in the video


There were code and camera  issues and they were resolved in, these were resolved in in the IM vandal resistant series


Update the camera to or above to resolve this issue. for the IM vandal resistant series